With Thanksgiving coming up this month and with all the problems we are facing right now, I thought it would ...
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Celebrating Halloween in 2020

Safely Celebrating 2020 has been a crazy year, this phrase sounds like a broken record. Despite quarantines and regulations, people ...
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Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography

In recent years, having your home professionally photographed before putting it on the market has become essential. Especially now during ...
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May Gardening

If you all are feeling like I’m feeling, I think we’ve had enough quarantine.  I love my home but 24/7 ...
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We’re Still Here!

The past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty. We want you to know that we are still here and ...
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Tips for Becoming a Homeowner

Interest rates are falling again and those who have been thinking about buying a home are beginning to think that ...
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First Time Home Buyers: Part 2 “Real Estate Lingo”

New Vocabulary When buying your first home, you will acquire a whole new vocabulary. It is already overwhelming trying to ...
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First Time Home Buyers: Part 1

Ideally you could take your time house shopping in a perfect market, with perfect homes, at perfect prices, and a ...
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Earthquake Preparedness

Every April the State of Utah participates in the “Great Shakeout.” This year it falls on April 18th.  I remember working for ...
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Radon Awareness and Your Home

You may be wondering what Radon Awareness has to do with buying your dream home? Even if you aren't currently ...
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