Water Conservation For Your Home

If you’re looking to put your home one the real estate market, these may be some great things to think about updating beforehand. I know you are all tired of hearing about the drought.  But the fact is, it is a reality and we do need to deal with it so that we can stretch our resources.  Some of you may already be doing so, others don’t have any idea where to start. Here are some helpful tips I found in an article from Cassandra McCullers. They will help minimize how drought will effect your home, and as an added bonus, it’s a great way to lower your water bill! 

Inside Before and During a Drought

  • Instead of pouring water down the sink, use it to water plants
  • Repair dripping faucets and plumbing leaks
  • Install low flow shower heads and faucets
  • Insulate pipes to keep heat in and prevent breaks
  • Put food waste in a compost pile or garbage instead of using the disposal in the sink
  • Minimize flushing the toilet, toss insects and tissues in the garbage.
  • Take short showers and turn off the faucet when brushing teeth
  • Make sure your dishwasher is fully loaded and use a light wash setting

Outdoors Before and During a Drought

  • Install micro drip systems to water plants in stead of sprinklers
  • Get a smart irrigation controller, chances are you can find a rebate available through your state.
  • Don’t water after a heavy rainfall
  • Use mulch to retain water
  • Water lawn in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation
  • Check sprinklers for leaks
  • Prioritize what you can let go without water. Grass is much easier to reestablish than trees and shrubs.

I hope you found some helpful information.  With the help of Mother Nature hopefully we can see an end to our situation soon.  If not, we need to be prepared. In the meantime, if you have any real estate needs, give me a call. 


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