Radon Awareness and Your Home

You may be wondering what Radon Awareness has to do with buying your dream home? Even if you aren’t currently buying or selling your home, this topic is still relevant. Did you know Radon is present in every home? It accumulates in soil and rock from the decay of radioactive elements. The radon gas eventually rises above the ground into the air and into your home. It doesn’t matter if your home is old, or new, brick, or stucco, on the beach, or a mountainside retreat, they ALL have it. The trick is finding out how much.

The EPA and Surgeon General recommend that everyone have their home tested for Radon, and for good reason. Radon kills 22,000 people annually. That is more people killed every year than drunk driving. In Utah 1 in 3 homes has high enough levels of Radon it requires mitigation.

I’ve been selling real estate for over 40 years. Radon is fairly new concern in the business. I’m usually skeptical of new things. We built a new home 5 years ago and felt the need to do a radon test. Recently, people I personally know have battled or passed away from lung cancer caused by radon exposure. I was surprised to find the levels in our home were alarmingly high. We went through the mitigation process. It was very reasonable and easy to do. When my grandkids are visiting our home, I’m glad I did it. 

Radon is not something you can be see, smell, or taste. There are several companies along that Wasatch Front that have professional testers who can come to your home. You can also buy a kit online or at a home improvement store. Some companies even provide free radon test kits.

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