Kaysville’s Real Estate Company

Kaysville’s Real Estate Company

This photo is from a ’79 ad in the Kaysville paper promising if you used Brough Realty, they would get “right on top” of selling your house. Much has changed since this photo was taken. Ties have gotten skinnier, pants are less plaid, and advertising isn’t as simple as a flyer in the newspaper. Today, finding a real estate agent is as easy as a google search. However, few can say they have been around for over 60 years. We have gained the trust of the community and continue to serve generations of customers.

Beginnings of Brough Realty in Kaysville

Brough Realty was one of the first Real Estate Companies established in Kaysville. It was originally located in a renovated chicken coop. It eventually made it’s way up the street to a brick and mortar building off of Main Street. As one of Kaysville’s long established businesses, we strive to be involved with our community. Our business is still run by the Brough Family and is serving generations of customers. Although the industry has changed our company values have remained the same. We are committed to taking the best care of our customers from start to finish.

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