Things to do to prepare to sell your home. By Jim Schoneman, Realtor @ Brough Realty

Selling your home is never easy.  Besides the many memories that come with owning a home, over the years there will be many things that you have accumulated that sometimes can make your home less appealing to a potential buyer.  Here are some things to look for as you prepare to sell your home:

  • Excess décor, art & family photos that are placed on shelves, counter-tops etc. Do not remove any things that are hanging on walls (removing them will leave nail holes that are extremely unattractive).

  • Hide any traces of animals. Feeding supplies, litter boxes, bed boxes, etc.  If you can, while your home is being shown board your animal with family, friends or a boarding facility.

  • Keep the kitchen clean. Take everything off of the tops and fronts of the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Make countertops spacious and roomy by cleaning off any excesses.

  • In the bedrooms, make all beds and see that there is a minimal amount of things on the nightstands and dressers, especially the Master Bedroom.

  • In the bathrooms make sure all cabinets are neat and orderly. Remove from sight trashcans, toilet bowl scrubbers, tooth brushes, soaps, toiletries and anything else that could be on the sink counter-tops, in the shower or bathtub areas.  Keep towels folded and on the racks.

  • As much as you can move out or put in storage, do so. If you can’t get a storage location, garages are good places to put all your excess stuff as long as it is orderly.

  • Outside, make sure weeds are pulled, lawns are mowed, bushes trimmed, walks are cleaned, etc. I cannot overemphasize the importance of “curb appeal.”  I’ve taken many buyers to potential homes that have messy yards and they’ve said, “Let’s just move on to the next place.”

This by no means is an all-encompassing list but I hope it is a good start for you.

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